Success Story – “without people like us, people like me would have no chance”

Client A came to us in July 2019 and had a long history of street homelessness, and being accommodated for short periods of time in various hostels – they felt embedded in their transient lifestyle.

It took a few month’s for Client A to start to break away from some of their learned street behaviours and start to realise the value they had to themselves and others. Client A said that when they first met myself and the staff that they felt that they was wanted by someone, rather than just living somewhere temporarily.

After their first year with us, Client A said they felt safer than at any other time in their life and had their own space that they could make homely, and not just clutter up with items. Client A also got in contact with their estranged family after several years and was invited to celebrate the wedding of a close family member.

Client A felt that their substance engagement was under control for the first time in a long time and they had long periods of abstinence which they felt influenced their physical and mental health. Client A is also an accomplished guitarist and got back involved with this and was even teaching this at the project to others.

Client A was successfully budgeting their finances, shopping independently and buying clothes for themselves; they would wear their “Sunday Best Suit” every Sunday also.

Client A moved into their own independent sheltered accommodation in September 2021 AND has been abstinent for over 6 months – they feel as though they are flourishing! Client A still has some worries about living alone but they feel as though they have the network of support around themselves to help adapt.

When I last spoke with Client A in December 2021, they had decorated their home and had their very own Christmas tree for the first time that they could remember. Client A simply said “without people like us, people like me would have no chance” and they are looking forward to his future.

We wish Client A all the very best in the future and thank them for their kind words.