Reporting Repairs

Excel Housing Solutions are committed to providing good quality accommodation for the people we serve, and to do this, we strive to respond to repairs swiftly and undertake repairs to a high standard.

Properties are checked regularly for maintenance issues and to check they remain at a high standard. As a tenant of Excel Housing Solutions, it is your responsibility to report any repairs within your accommodation to us as soon as you are aware of them. You can report repairs via our contact form below or contacting 0800 999 1901 (free phone).

Rent and Service Charges

Excel Housing Solutions strive to end the cycle of homeless for the people we accommodate and support. There are many reasons why people become homeless. Part of our role as a Housing Association is to ensure that people understand the importance of paying rent.

Most of our tenants rent is covered by Housing Benefit. For some of our accommodation services, there is also a service charge payment that is not covered by Housing Benefit and needs to be paid by the tenant. This usually covers the costs for communal areas within services. All tenants are provided with a breakdown of these costs when they move into our accommodation.

Service charge costs are included within the tenancy agreement and is part of your overall rental charges. They cannot be ignored.

If you fail to pay your service charges you are at risk of being evicted.

Struggling to pay? Contact us!

Excel Housing Solutions offer a variety of support interventions if you find yourself struggling to pay service charges. Please do not ignore this. Contact your support worker who can discuss the options with you.

Details of how to pay your rent and service charges can be found within your tenancy agreement.

Managing Damp – Tenant Responsibilities

There are several reasons for damp. Some are due to property defects that need professional attention. If there is damp in your property, please report this as soon as you are aware of the issue to avoid further problems.

A common cause of damp is due to condensation issues and lack of ventilation within a property. We have devised a leaflet with some tips on how to avoid condensation damp forming in your accommodation.