Supporting Men’s Mental Health

Excel Housing is proud to be supporters of Seans place, a men’s mental health centre.

A message from the founder:

Sean’s Place has been established due to losing my brother Sean in 2019 who was just 34 years old after a long battle with mental health. Sean was the most amazing person who was kind and caring, hilarious without meaning to be and loved by so many. However, despite all of this, Sean struggled with his confidence and self-esteem and became socially isolated which contributed to his mental health becoming increasingly worse. Whilst counselling and medication were prescribed to help reduce the symptoms of his illness, it didn’t tackle the social issues of loneliness, not having anyone who fully could under-stand how he was feeling or have the opportunity to talk about his mental health with others who were feeling experiencing the same. Upon searching for something that he could access there were always barriers such as his age, costs or lengthy waiting lists.

There are so many other men who feel this way in the community which is why I took the steps to create my own service that has everything I was looking for to support Sean. I will now provide this service, in Sean’s memory, to help others.

Thank you for the continued support.

Debbie x

If you or any one you know feel the need to contact Seans place you can find the information here: